How To Request Or Get Any Movie For Free Download

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Request any movie for free download

Have you been trying to get a movie on our website GlobbyTV or any other website but to no avail. Dont worry, We have launched a feature which costs $5 only per month. Which means you will be able to request all movies of your choice which are not uploaded on the site for 30 days after which you’ll need to renew payment if you which to continue enjoying the offer.

How To Request Or Get Any Movie Not Available On GlobbyTV Or Any Website

All you have to do is;

1. Message us directly on the website by clicking the live chat button

2. Provide Us with your username on Globby TV (this is needed because we’ll have to upgrade your account to a premium user so as to enable you to make use of the request movie feature).

3. Make a payment of $5 to our official PayPal email address [email protected] (We’ll give you this in the live chat when you message us)

4. After your payment is confirmed by our admins on the live chat section, your account will be upgraded to premium in minutes.

5. That’s all!!!! You’re now a premium user for the next 30 days.

6. Scroll down to the bottom of the website

7. Click on “Request Movie

8. Then search the movie name in the search box

9. After that, Click Request.

We normally have a lot of movie request queries daily, and we attend to them in other of preferences and most requested. But be rest assured that your requested movie will be available in 24 hours.

NOTE: You must be logged in before you can request a movie, so sign up if you dont have account and enjoy one of our most valued premium features on GlobbyTV.

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Request For Movies On GlobbyTV Now

  If any movie/episode refuse to Play above, or Download below, let us know in comment section below. We ll fix it in minutes.

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  • PEDRO June 21, 2021 Reply

    Love this video

  • omar June 28, 2021 Reply

    I love this website

    • Rex Nseobong June 28, 2021 Reply

      Thank you Omar. Also tell your friends about it.

  • shelbyelena August 18, 2021 Reply

    hey can i now watch saved by the bell wedding in las vegas please for my request

    • Rex Nseobong August 19, 2021 Reply

      i already replied you on our live chat. You can not request movies for free any more. It’s a paid service

  • AGBASKOLOBA October 4, 2021 Reply

    The sky is the beginning for you my brother 👊
    God bless your ministry bro.

    • Rex Nseobong October 4, 2021 Reply

      Amen sir. Thank you so much 😎

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